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February 6, 2010

Cafe World Great Dishes

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Cafe World Great Dishes

In the game, you want to satisfy your guests’ palettes in a warm and inviting atmosphere by offering them Cafe World great dishes, good service, and excellent food. As the saying goes, “if you build it, they will come.”

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In Cafe World, if you build an awesome menu, they will come again and again. Menu planning, therefore, is a high priority. It is advisable to plan your menu thoroughly, making sure your customers remain highly satisfied. These tips for offering Cafe World great dishes ought to help.

Time Management is Everything

A successful entrepreneur manages time effectively and makes the best use of time for each designated task. In preparing Cafe World great dishes, you should manage time well in order to maximize profits. It is critical you select dishes that will work with your game play schedule.

Each dish has a different preparation time, and with many different menu choices, you should anticipate cooking meals that take five minutes or up to two whole days to prepare. So manage your dishes and cooking times to account for when you are away from the computer doing other things. This is ideal if you do not play Cafe World every day, or even every couple days.

In case you play the game more often, you will really need to test your menu planning skills so that you are offering menu items that can be made in a short amount of time, along with the great dishes that take a bit longer to prepare.

A word of caution! Food that sits on the stove will go bad. Getting food off the stove when it is ready prevents spoiling. Once food becomes rotten, you will have lost the earning potential of the dish, and will then have to buy additional ingredients to make the dish again. Further, you will need to pay someone to clean the rotten mess from your stove.

How Much Food Should You Make?

The number of servings is different depending upon which dish you choose to prepare. Every meal you prepare serves a designated number of customers at a serving table.

You want to avoid preparing more Cafe World great dishes than are needed. If not, your counters will fill up and you will have nowhere to place newly cooked dishes.

You should also consider how much income each dish will generate once it is entirely eaten. Knowing earnings per serving will help you decide what kind and how many dishes to prepare.

You will need to calculate operating expenses from the standpoint of cost per serving. Once you determine every expense from ingredient mixing to meal service, you can then begin to analyze the most profitable menu items.

For example, if you make five coins every time you serve a meal; and there are ten servings in the meal; and you make the dish once per hour, then you can expect a gross income of fifty cafe coins per hour. This, in essence, is your basic business model.

The trick is to manage your menu based on income, expenses, and your personal time schedule. Your profit margin will be the measure of your success. Happy cooking!

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