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May 2, 2011

Café World Leveling Guide: Helpful Strategy and Tips

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Café World Leveling Guide: Helpful Strategy and Tips

Café world, being one of today’s biggest online games via Facebook is quickly gaining much attention to avid gamers. And once players start to play the game, the need to learn more about strategies and tips grows by the day. And one of the most important things every player is looking forward to is their leveling up.

In café world, leveling up is very essential because the higher your level is, the more access you have in terms of gaining more recipes, hiring new waiters, and the most important of it all, buying more stoves. With more stoves, you can then prepare more food and attract more customers, resulting to more profits! And the more profits you have, the quicker your café levels up and you get to make your place nicer and more inviting because you can now buy additional items. So how do you level up your Café quickly?

To start, buying more tables and chairs is a good tip. Serving good food means having a good set-up and the most ideal is the diner type. Once you have you tables and chairs and then already hired a waiter, start by making one dish at time. This can help your waiter serve quickly and attract more customers promptly. For starters, bacon cheeseburgers are the best foods to prepare. Why? Because they provide the second highest experience points per hour you spend on cooking.

Once you generate good profit figures, get a new stove but still, stick with cooking more bacon cheeseburgers. By level two, if you have four stoves in your café, you can easily earn 336 points an hour. That sums up to 8000 café points in just 24 hours! Do these steps on the succeeding levels until you hit level 8. At this point, you may now expand your café by adding more tables, chairs and you may also want to add another employee. Your café, by this time, will have a growing demand of customers, thus the need for more employees and more seats and tables is generally essential.

When going to bed, make sure you put longer recipes on the stove. This is somewhat tricky. For example, a French onion soup takes about four hours to cook and can spoil after eight hours, or the triple berry cheesecake needs twelve hours preparation time. Meaning, if you sleep or is away from your computer no longer than eight hours, go for the onion soup. But for longer periods, go for the cheesecake.

Leveling up is only a matter of putting the right expansions and preparing the right meals. Although it may be confusing at first, you’ll eventually understand these strategies once you get the hang of it and use a good Cafe World guide.

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