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June 1, 2011

Cafe World Lay Out Tips

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Cafe World Lay Out Tips

Café world in Facebook is not only about preparing and serving meals. It is also about bringing out your creative side because you get to come up with your own café layout and design. However, there are important things that you have to remember as far as the layout and floor plan of your café is concerned.

To maximize the service of your waiters, it is helpful that you block them behind your serving area. Meaning, the open side serving area should towards a wall. This will give your waiters enough room behind the counters. Also, make sure that both the ends are blocked off. The moment you start the game, check that your waiters are all behind the counter because so they can easily serve foods and clean the tables from there. Your goal here is to prevent your servers from walking around the area to avoid poor service.

Another helpful idea is to ignore all those pretty decorations. This is particularly helpful especially when you are just on the early levels of the game. It is not helpful to waste all your hard earned coins for fancy walls, pieces of furniture, walls, and decorations. As a beginner, your main goal is to make as much money as you can. And you need money to achieve that! If you can’t really help to add some pretty stuff in your café, make sure you don’t overdo it.

It is also very helpful to shut down your café when you know you won’t be online for some time. Furthermore, it is just as important to close your café when you are running out of food. That way, you won’t end up decreasing your buzz ratings because of unsatisfied customers. Keep in mind that your buzz rating will either make or break your café. After all, this rating determines how well you attract customers to dine in your café.

You also have to strategically place your tables and your chairs. This is to give your waiters the ease and comfort of serving from one customer to another. Your servers should not walk around your café just to serve your customers because at some point, this may take a lot of time and may risk your buzz rating because clients might leave your café unhappy.

As for your chairs and tables, optimize all of them as much as you can. But this does not mean you fill up every single each of your café! The best café lay outs are the horseshoe layouts or the bar-type design.

It is crucial to properly arrange and design your café. Understand how you can properly achieve optimum profit. Learn the right way to layout your café.

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