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May 12, 2011

An Ultimate Guide to Café World for Beginners

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An Ultimate Guide to Café World for Beginners

Are you new to Café World and you realized that the game will really get you glued to your seat? Then you need to know some helpful tips and tricks that will help you improve your game. Café World is basically a Facebook application game that will put your in charge of your own virtual café. To improve your level, you need to carefully choose and prepare meals to feed your customers.

In Café World, your cooking skills should be thoroughly mastered so you can achieve café points. And the only way to get these points is to prepare foods. When you click on a stove, a cookbook with various dishes to prepare is opened. Every food has its corresponding cost and cooking times. Thus, careful planning ahead of time is important. When cooked dishes aren’t served on time, the food eventually spoils and risks your café points and affects your buzz rating. For starters, choose the inexpensive dishes that take only less preparation and cooking time. Ideally, bacon cheeseburgers or super chunk fruit salads are great options. But make sure you have enough time of the day to serve these meals so you can quickly earn café points.

To quickly level up, you need to prepare meals in advance. Also, you must understand the power of your customers’ buzz ratings. The number is found at the top right corner of your computer screen. Higher buzz ratings mean more customers dining in your café. To keep you buzz score increasing, try not to run out of meals and make sure you provide prompt service. One secret is to avoid having empty counters when you close your café and preparing large amount of foods before you open up again. You can close your café by simply removing the doors. Don’t worry; you can still cook meals even if your café is closed. Also, the dishes on your serving counters won’t get spoiled when the café is shut down. To open you café once again, simply drag back the door.

Assisting your friends and café neighbors is also another helpful tip. Although there really is no significance in giving gifts except improving your neighbors’ café, you can obtain or special dishes that you can immediately place on your serving counters, thus lessening your cooking and preparation time. It is helpful to save the given dishes before serving them so you can serve them when you run out time to prepare dishes.

These are just some of the most helpful café world tips for beginners. Learn more about the game so you can easily increase your café points and improve your café.

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