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April 25, 2011

Advanced How to Play Café World

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Advanced How To Play Cafe World

Café World, created by Zynga, is a fun and very addicting game that has won the curiosity of Facebook users. Because the game is based on the cook, serve, and collect coins strategy, café world is generally a very simple but challenging game that will surely keep you coming back day in and day out to cook and prepare meals. Plus, you also get to bring out the creative side in you because you can create your own restaurant according to your preference.

To play Café World, first go to the application and choose your avatar’s look and uniform. You will then be provided with a tiny new café with some counters, tables, chairs and stoves. As your café grows, so does the stream of customers. It is imperative that you hire waiters/waitresses that can help you serve your foods. Click on the Manage Friends icon to choose your server.

During the earlier stages, you are only allowed to hire one friend, but you can add more as your level increases.
From the cookbook, choose the recipe and start cooking from your cafe’s empty stove. Since you are just starting, it is helpful to choose the fast recipes so you can quickly generate income. However, as your levels increase, you can choose longer recipes that give you more profits and ultimately achieve cafe world domination.

Different dishes generally have varied cooking time, different costs to cook, and assorted coins to sell. Foods that take only a few minutes to prepare serve fewer customers though they cost less. Choose instead dishes that serve more customers and give you better profits. Also, as much as possible, see to it that your serving counters are always full of dishes so your waiters can keep serving your customers.This will also keep you away from failing your “buzz ratings” from your unsatisfied clients.

What is the “buzz rating”? This is the green thumbs-up icon you can see at the upper right corner of your screen. The higher the rating is, the more customers are expected to come over your restaurant each minute. Needless to say, more customers mean more profit. So before you log out from the game, make sure your buzz rating is at its highest level so that you can still attract customers even when you’re already logged out. But make sure though that you have left enough foods prepared so customers may still eat even when you’re gone.

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