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February 6, 2010

Increase Cafe World Coin Revenue

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Increase Cafe World Coin Revenue

cafe-world-coinsThe ultimate goal in any social networking game on Facebook is to increase coin revenue or game currency as quickly as you possibly can. It is no different for players of Cafe World. To learn how to increase Cafe World coin revenue, keep reading.

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But it is certainly easier said than done. If your revenue does not exceed the expenses incurred while operating your cafe, the game will quickly become more difficult than necessary. In the end, your enthusiasm for the game will fade very quickly.

It is not all that difficult to increase Cafe World coin revenue. All you need to do is implement some well-planned strategies. Acquiring Cafe World coins and cash is all about playing the game regularly AND effectively.

For example, if you play the game every day, you have already found out that your coin revenue can become large. But even if you play every day, increasing coin revenue has its limits, as you might have found out.

Cafe World Coin Strategy

Strategy and planning are everything, so here are some ways to increase Cafe World coin revenue.

The first thing you ought to do to increase Cafe World coin revenue is to manage your time well. When Zynga designed Cafe World for Facebook, they understood that individuals would play the game often.

Since the game is quite addictive, at least for me, playing the game regularly is unavoidable. Just in case you are not able to play the game every day, you can still increase your Cafe World coin revenue and generate large sums of revenue by properly adjusting your in-game strategy.

Avoid making dishes that have short preparation times. This is especially true if you are not able to log on and play at least once per day.  Prepare only the dishes that take at least one entire day to cook.

Spitfire Roasted Chicken and Homestyle Pot Roast are dishes that take a day or more to cook. Do not cook dishes that have a preparation time of less than 15 minutes. Chips and Guacamole, Fruit Salad and Cheeseburgers are a definite no-no.

Serving these kinds of dishes when you are away from Cafe World for long periods will result in spoiled food. Spoiled food is lost revenue and you will find it much more difficult to increase Cafe World coin revenue.

In addition, spoiled food requires that you pay to have your stoves cleaned AND you will have to replace the dishes you had planned to serve. Expenses resulting from bad planning definitely affect your bottom line and ultimately delay expansion of your cafe.

Therefore, plan your time well.  Decide ahead of time which dishes can be prepared during the time you are away from the game doing something else. Once you get back to the game, you can feel free to prepare dishes that have very short prep times to increase coins quickly.

Strategic time management goes a long way to increase Cafe World coin revenue. Implementing a good plan requires that you offer dishes that are the most profitable and fit into your personal schedule.

Some dishes are more profitable than others. You ought to determine how many servings you plan to cook, the cost of each dish, and how long each dish takes to cook. You can do this by calculating how many coins you can make in one hour.

So, if you are offering a dish for 50 coins every hour, you know your hourly revenue will be 500 cafe coins if you serve 10 dishes. Using this strategy, you will learn very quickly which dishes are the most profitable and increase your coin revenue at a much faster pace than before.  So, strategically design your menu offerings according to profitability and your personal schedule. That way, you can increase cafe world coin revenue faster than ever!

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