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April 21, 2011

Cafe World Basics: How to Play the Game

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Cafe World Basics: How To Play The Game

Social networking has been one of today’s latest trends, as far as meeting new friends and finding old ones is concerned. Facebook is perhaps one of the most common social networking sites. And aside from going online and connecting with your friends and your loved ones, Facebook is also a medium for online games.

Café World, created and produced by Zynga, is quickly becoming popular. This is a type of game that requires your timing, creativity, and judgment so you can operate your own restaurant.

During the start of the game, you are only provided with a little under $2000, some tables, chair, a door, three food counters, and four stoves. It is ideal that you rearrange your restaurant. Simply drag the items and move them around the play area according to your desired position.

Hiring a waiter is also helpful. Since you will be primarily hooked in cooking, you need to have one assistant to help you. Upon start of the game, a screen pops up automatically, asking you to select a person from your list that will act as the waiter. Once you have selected a waiter, you then select the foods you will cook.

Watch out for the cooking time of a particular food. The time element is important here so you might want to start by cooking foods that only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook. Keep in mind that your character does not only cook. You need to dice, baste, cut, and prepare all the necessary ingredients before the cooking time starts. Remember to always click a particular pot until its timer comes up.

Make sure also that you transfer all the finished food from the stove to the counter otherwise, the food will be spoiled. Say for instance, a cheeseburger which is easily ready in five minutes will be spoiled if not transferred to the counter ten minutes after it has been made. Also, foods placed in the counter are edible and can be served until everything is consumed.

Another thing is that Café world will always run even if you are not logged in. Customers will always come and go provided that your restaurant has a door. However, if you omit the door before logging out, the foods on your stove will still go on with its cooking. But your ratings are frozen not until you log in again and start inviting customers in.

These are just the simple basics of Café World. Learn more about them to further understand how you can go about with the game.

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