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May 27, 2011

Café World Helpful Tips and Strategies

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Café World Helpful Tips and Strategies

Café world is probably one of the most enjoyable games in Facebook. With the game, you can show your creativity and business skills by building and operating your own working café. You can add your friends as your neighbors and you can earn coins and café points every time your visit their cafes. To become the best café owner, below are some helpful tips and strategies.

Café Coins. These are basically the currencies used in Café World. You will use these café coins to buy and make dishes to prepare for your customers. Furthermore, these coins are the ones used to buy important café items like chairs, tables, stoves, counters, decorative items, and bigger floor plans. Every time a client finishes a meal, you get to earn coins. The highest your café world level is, the better your recipes are. And this means more coins to earn.

Café Points. These are the points you accumulate to show your experience level. You earn these café points when you prepare and cook dishes. Each level has its corresponding café points you need to earn to go to the next level. In each level, there are new abilities and recipes to unlock like additional waiters or stoves and counters.

Buzz Rating. This is the rating that tells how your customers like your foods and services in your café. Satisfied customers will increase your buzz rating by 0.1 points. You need to avoid having unhappy customers because this will decrease your rating by another 0.1. The idea is generally to have a steady flow of customers to increase your buzz ratings. That way, you get to attract even more clients when your rating is above average.

Preparing and Serving your Customers. The dishes you prepare will greatly depend on the amount of time you spend online. For example, if you have all the time in the world to focus on your café, you can try creating dishes that take shorter preparation times like cheeseburgers, guacamole, or the super chunky fruit salad. Otherwise, you will have to prepare meals that take longer periods of time to cook especially when you seldom go online.

When serving, make sure you understand the need of your customers. Clients will easily walk out from your restaurant for three reasons: they can’t find empty tables, or if the tables are dirty, or when it takes like a lifetime to serve them food. Also, you have to make sure your tables and chairs are carefully arranged so your waiters can easily access your clients’ tables.

Café World in Facebook is really a fun game. Especially when you know the many tips and strategies that will help you with the game, it is generally easy to increase your level and improve your café in no time.



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