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February 6, 2010

Cafe World Levels

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Cafe World Levels

cafe-world-levelsCafe World players dream about moving up through Cafe World levels quickly. Players become frustrated because they get stuck at Level 9, while neighbors move through the levels like a guided missile.

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The frustration in achieving Cafe World levels is understandable because once a player moves past level 20, there are tons of new options available.

Cafe World Levels Strategies

Follow these strategies to help accrue as much experience you possibly can. You will find yourself moving through Cafe World levels much faster.

Prepare the Right Dishes

In case you are not making the right dishes, it will be very difficult to advance in Cafe World levels. Every menu item takes a variable time to cook, differs in amount of servings, and number of points earned for each patron you feed.

In the end, the menu items you decide to prepare will drastically affect how quickly you move toward the top Cafe World levels. Basically, the menu items you should be preparing are those that have the shortest preparation time. This way, you will be able to provide service to many more patrons. Even better if you play often, because then you can switch the menu items around 5 minute intervals.

Chips and Guacamole and Bacon Cheeseburgers take 5 minutes to prepare. Cooking either one of these menu items earn 5 and 7 experience points once they are prepared. If you play the game for an extended period in one session, you can prepare these dishes repeatedly. By doing this, you will earn a lot more experience points and move much more quickly up in Cafe World levels than you would by making a dish that takes 24 hours to cook, like pot roast.

Time Management and Cafe Design

With your menu ready to help quicken your rise in Cafe World levels, you ought to make a schedule and design your cyber restaurant so that you can maximize the effectiveness of this strategy. Besides moving up in Cafe World levels quickly, good planning will increase your Buzz rating. And, a good plan will also maximize the number of cafe coins you earn per hour. Buzz and earnings are critically important to dominating the game.

At the outset, design your cafe so waiters are as close as possible to the tables and patrons. You want to serve your dishes as quickly as possible, so shortening distances for serving dishes that are ready every 5 minutes really helps your buzz. With a higher buzz rating, you attract more customers; and ultimately achieve the experience points you need to advance to higher Cafe World levels.

Managing your schedule is also quite critical. In case you are unable to play the game for several hours, you will not be able to cook chips and guacamole every 5 minutes. Fortunately, the game designers offer a lot of menu items that can be prepared from a couple hours to 2 whole days. In planning for the time you are away from the game, pick menu items that have high experience points that can be prepared during the time you are away.

Your goal is to be very familiar with the tips and tactics to quickly advance through Cafe World levels. Advancing quickly through Cafe World levels however, requires that you manage your cafe in a way that maximizes experience, buzz, and coins.

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