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February 6, 2010

Cafe World Buzz Rating Is Critical

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Cafe World Buzz Rating Is Critical

Your objective in Cafe World is to cook dishes that make your patrons happy. This is precisely how you can garner a lofty Cafe World Buzz Rating, attract more diners, earn more cafe points, and in the end, increase your cafe coins.

Looks like you have lots to do, so it is important that you know how to coordinate all these aspects of your cafe in your quest to become a top Cafe World chef.

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Just as is the case with a real restaurant operator, you want to put all your focus on the customer. So, here are some tactics to help you as you begin your journey to dominating Cafe World.

Give Great Service

You should be preparing excellent dishes for your cafe patrons. If you are unwilling to do this, your cafe will not do very well. So, do not get caught up in using too much coinage pimping out your cafe.

Your cafe design must be focused on providing great meals in an efficient and effective manner so that you increase and retain customers.

Altering your cafe for strictly aesthetic purposes may look really good, but it could also adversely affect your Cafe World Buzz Rating. Keep your focus on the functionality of the cafe and you will be fine.

Max Out Your Buzz Rating

On the top right of your screen is your Cafe World Buzz Rating, shown by the amount of ‘thumbs up’. This rating is extremely important in the game. When your Cafe World Buzz Rating goes down, it shows that your patrons are unhappy.

On the other hand, when the rating is on the way up, you can be sure you are doing a good job with your cafe. Do not be overly concerned when your Cafe World Buzz Rating maxes out as you advance in levels.

As you move up in levels, you want your Cafe World Buzz Rating to keep growing steadily, which translates into more cafe coins and cafe points.

Serving Your Customers

Serve your customers food as soon as your dishes are cooked. To make sure this happens, log into the game when you know a particular dish will be ready to serve.

So, if you are cooking a dish that takes 24 hours to prepare, be sure that you are online very shortly after the 24 hours in order to get the meals to your customers.

To efficiently serve your customers quickly, make sure you place the serving tables next to the smaller clusters of tables; and be sure there are enough waiters to move between the patrons and tables quickly.

Your customers will be satisfied in relation to the efficiency and effectiveness of the service they receive. If you are successful at keeping your patrons happy, you will no doubt be able to totally dominate Cafe World.

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