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May 6, 2011

Café World and Buzz Rating Tips

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Café World and Buzz Rating Tips

In Café World, the buzz ratings are the determining factors that tell you how many customers visit your café. Satisfied customers can increase your buzz ratings, while the unsatisfied ones can make your ratings go down. So basically, your ratings will solely rely on the experiences of your customers while they are in your café.

Every customer served increases your rating by 1, which is generally the requirement for a client to be satisfied. If the client pays, the rating increase by 1, regardless of the food you serve or how quick your waiters have accommodated your customers.

When one customer walks out and leaves your café unsatisfied because of poor service, your buzz rating will eventually decrease by seven points! How does this happen? First, when a client enters your café and waits for his table and he simply leaves even before a table opens, that will cost you a decrease of seven buzz ratings. Or if a client takes a seat but it took you so long to serve him/her with food, that’s another seven buzz rating decrease. The same also applies when a customer sits on a table that has not been cleared yet (dirty dishes), expect your ratings to drop significantly. So how do you avoid these rating disasters? Here are some helpful tips.

First off, you need to make sure that your café has a very good layout. That means, the tables and chairs must be strategically arranged based on the current size of your café, the number of dishes you prepare, and the waiters that will serve the dishes. With a well-arranged café, your customers and waiters can breezily access the tables without going around in circles.

If possible, serve only one type of dish at a given time. This will help reduce your waiters’ amount of movement. And when waiters can easily serve more people, your buzz ratings will eventually increase as well.

Once you have applied these simple tips, you might be asking if there is a possibility to quickly increase your buzz rating. Thankfully, there is! If you somehow forgot to check your café and you eventually run out of food thus resulting to low buzz ratings, you can easily bring your ratings back up by preparing a few bowls of Super Chunk Fruit Salad. The recipe only takes fifteen minutes to prepare and can produce 100 servings. In an hour, you can produce and serve enough clients to increase your buzz ratings quickly. Once you are satisfied with the rating, you can simply discard the salad (since it’s very cheap) and start once again, preparing dishes.

Make sure you understood the importance of having good buzz ratings. That way, you can easily level up your café and attract customers even more.

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