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April 28, 2011

More Helpful Café World Strategies

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More Helpful Café World Strategies

Café World is relatively an easy online game in Facebook. However, for players who are ready to take it to the next level, it helps that you understand helpful strategies that can help you improve your restaurant and generate more income. One of the most crucial things to consider is to choose and decide the food you wish to prepare.

Think about the cost of the food, its cooking time, the number of customers it can serve, and of the course the profit you can generate from it. Your restaurant should be able to generate larger ROI (return of investments). To compare how profitable a specific dish is, simple subtract its total cost from the café coins you earn and then divide the result by the cost of the food. When planning the dishes to prepare, take into consideration the completion time each food takes when cooking.

To avoid confusion, stick to food items that you can prepare according to your availability to play Café World at any given time of the day. If you have all the time in the world to play daily, go for menus that take shorter preparation time. Otherwise, go for dishes that take some preparation time and are completely done once you are available to play online again.

Also, you have to be careful of spoiled food. Once you choose your food items and you have them planned around your busy schedules, keep in mind that you don’t easily forget about them so they don’t end up spoiling. Spoiled foods cannot be served to customers and this can mean losing a lot of profits. Plus, your buzz rating is likely to fall because not only you don’t have foods to serve but also, flies will swarm in your café. This is generally one thing you must always be careful.

To increase your profits, expanding your café and adding building spaces are your number one options. Your extra spaces may be used for additional chairs and tables so that you can accommodate more customers. There are different café world expansion packages that include the Corner Café, the Family Café, the Bountiful Café, the Extravagant Café, the Lavish Café, and the Astounding Café; each with different price tags depending on the size of the expansion. Aside from earning money out of meal preparations, you can also add extra points to your café by helping your café world neighbors or sending them gifts to add to their restaurants.

Café World is a fun online game that can somehow help you feel relaxed especially after a hard day’s work. And knowing its different strategies that help you go a long way toward Cafe World domination.

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