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May 17, 2011

Understanding the Importance of Café World Buzz

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Understanding the Importance of Cafe World Buzz

One of the most important aspects of Facebook’s Café World is the buzz rating. The higher your rating is, the more likely you can gain more customers to drop by your café and dine. To further hone your buzz rating, there are some tips that can help you get started.

To start the game, your goal is to build up higher buzz ratings and experience points as quickly as you can. To do this, start the game by making as many super chunk fruits salads and bacon cheeseburgers as you can.

Bacon cheeseburgers basically take five minutes to get done. And every thirteen servings, you can get seven experience points. For each satisfied diner, you can earn 0.1 buzz rating. Continue cooking bacon cheeseburgers until your buzz rating increases and you have a steady flow of customers going in and out your restaurant.

To avoid buzz ratings from dropping, it is important that your restaurant does not run out of food. Otherwise, you will have to go back to square one and prepare cheeseburgers once again. Thus, it is best to have preparation and cooking techniques to ensure that your café does not run out of foods to serve. One helpful tip is to have a strategically planned cooking schedule. Study which foods you’re most convenient to prepare, depending on the amount of time you go online and check your café. Remember that time is of the essence here. Thus, if you are online mostly, try preparing foods that work within your schedule, preferably those that take only shorter cooking times. But you need to make sure however to avoid spoiling foods you prepare.

Another tip is to cook similar foods at the same time. Remember that your counters and serving tables are limited. So it is a practical idea to make use of these tables wisely and cook same foods so you can simply stack your servings.

Finally, the most important tip to keep your buzz rating increasing is to have the correct layout of your restaurant. When your customers wait too long, expect them to leave your shop and this will result to dropping of your buzz rating. Therefore, you need to create a proper table layout that lets your waiters serve your customers from one table to the next efficiently.

You can achieve higher buzz ratings as long as you know some helpful techniques. That way, when you have good buzz ratings, you can easily attract customers, resulting to better profit and from there, you can easily expand your café.


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