Cafe World Domination Secrets The Ultimate Guide To Cafe World

April 10, 2011


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Cafe World Domination Secrets

So You Wanna Be A Master Chef!

I designed this website as an information portal for anybody who plays Cafe World on Facebook and needs to find the best Cafe World strategy guide available.

So, check out this strategy guide and get ready to absolutely dominate in Cafe World:

Cafe World Domination Secrets has lots of strategy advice to help you level up quicker, increase your buzz faster, earn more coinage, and enjoy the game as a master chef.

Here is a quick overview of Cafe World:

Cafe World is one of Zynga’s latest social games on Facebook, played everyday by millions of Facebook users across the globe.

Released in Fall 2009, it adds to the over 200 million daily users of Zynga’s games, including the popular Farmville and Mafia Wars.

The objective of the game is to own and operate a cafe restaurant in order to earn coins and increase your cafe’s Buzz (popularity). You can become the Emeril of online cooking. But, you need to cook good food, serve it well, and get customers to spread the word about your great cafe.

As you gain coins, buzz, and experience in the game, you increase your ability to expand your menu and cafe; ultimately you can totally pimp out your cafe and become a Cafe World master.

Cafe Buzz

You can build up your cafe’s popularity by increasing Buzz. Cafe Buzz increases when customers are happy with the food and service. The higher your Buzz, the more customers come to your cafe to dine.

You start out with a cafe Buzz of 5, the lowest. As your cafe becomes more popular, Buzz increases. A cafe Buzz of 105 is the highest. But be careful. If your customers leave angry, your Buzz will decline. Even though every satisfied customer leaves you with a Buzz rating of +.1, unhappy customers can leave you with a negative Buzz rating from -.1 to -.7.

And, with a very high Buzz rating of 70 and over, you will need to serve customers at a rapid pace. You need to make sure you have enough employees and equipment (stoves and counters). With Cafe World Domination Secrets, you better get ready to cook!

Cafe Coins

Cafe coins are the in game currency. They are not easy to come by, especially if you are away from the game regularly and not able to play everyday. But, you need coinage to expand your cafe. Cafe World Domination Secrets has all the strategy you will every need to maximize your earning potential while you are away from the game.

Cafe Points

Cafe World Domination Secrets shows you the essential tactics you need to gain experience and level-up. Once you get past level 20, you can do all kinds of really cool stuff with your cafe.

This guide will improve your game with tips and tactics that show immediate results:

It is not a cheat guide. Bots, cheats, and hacks in Cafe World might get your Facebook account banned. This guide shows you the 100% legal strategies that put you in the company of master chefs that have totally pimped out their cafes and have coins and buzz to burn (or cook I should say).

And, the Cafe World Domination Secrets guide includes a free Cafe Cash Report. In this report, you will learn how to earn tons of cafe cash in just a few days.

Are You Tired of a Low Buzz Rating and Have no Way to Make More Coins?

If you answered yes, then I urge you to look at Cafe World Domination Secrets.

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